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Psychotherapy Services


Our sorrows and wounds are only healed when we touch them with compassion”

          ~ Buddha


The most important step towards healing is to acknowledge and address the unresolved emotions inside you. My clients are in search of a deeper understanding of themselves. I truly believe humans have the innate ability to heal by tapping into the answers they already have in their possession. There are times in our life, though, when we need an empathic therapist to partner with us to help untangle those emotions and process unresolved traumas. I am privileged and honored to respectfully hold space for you and your story as we untangle the emotions together. I strive to create a warm, nurturing, and safe environment so we can explore authentically and honestly.


I apply a holistic approach that integrates physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual forms of well-being, addressing the “whole” self. Through this holistic framework tailored to your unique needs, the goal is to support you as you develop a deeper understanding of the self on all these levels.


Together, we will explore underlying issues, set goals, and work towards emotionally and intellectually understanding what is going on to empower you to heal the emotional wounds and create the life of joy that you deserve and envision for yourself. It is now time for you to live your life without these emotional burdens. 


I am also passionate about the study of alternative modalities in therapy, namely psychedelics. Psychedelics have shown great promise in clinical trials for treatment resistant depression and PTSD. Psychedelics are a powerful tool in facilitating breakthroughs that the mind has been resistant toward during traditional therapy.


My Approach
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